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Rachael Payne copywriter

Rachael Payne

Rachael’s journey in copywriting is deeply influenced by her personal experience as a medical cannabis patient, which has shaped her expertise in the health and wellness sector.

After studying English and Journalism at Manchester University, Rachael’s career began in 2013 for a holiday accommodation firm in Chester, where she honed her storytelling skills. Her transition to a freelance copywriter in 2019 allowed her to delve into diverse topics, including medical cannabis, where she leveraged her personal insights as a medical cannabis patient and professional research skills. Rachael’s expertise further expanded when she joined a leading UK vaping e-commerce platform in Sheffield in 2021, focusing on content creation but also developing her marketing strategies.

With her understanding of medical cannabis, she combines her personal experiences with her professional writing skills to produce content that was not only informative but also empathetic and engaging. Rachael’s work in the medical cannabis sector is marked by credibility, resonating with audiences seeking genuine, informed perspectives on medical cannabis and holistic health and wellness.

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