How it works?

How medicinal cannabis works in the UK?

Cannabis Access assists UK doctors and patients access specialist doctors via streamlined 4-step process. Medicinal Cannabis is an unlicensed medicine and can only be prescribed by specialist doctors in their area of expertise. 

Not all patients will be eligible for treatment, and suitability will be assessed by our specialist team. Patients who are eligible for treatment will be enrolled in one or more research trials and will have ongoing monitoring to ensure patient safety.

Book an Eligibility

Our team will explain the requirements for medicinal cannabis treatment in the UK and the potential costs involved. This is your chance to ask questions. The team will assess your case to see if you may be a suitable candidate, before you see one of our specialists. Elegibility consults take 15 minutes and can be completed via an online video appointment.

See a Specialist

A specialist doctor will assess your condition and determine your suitability for treatment with medical cannabis. Before seeing our doctors, patients must have a referral from their regular GP or Specialist and complete a consent form. Doctor consultations are in person at our clinic on Harley St, or in special circumstances can be attended online.

Research Study

If you and your doctor decide medical cannabis treatment is suitable for you, a prescription is provided and your referring doctor will be notified. All patients that medical cannabis is prescribed to are enrolled in one more research studies, in partnership with Applied Cannabis Research . This ensures patient safety, ensures that ongoing treatment is working and helps inform prescribing practices are continually improved.


Patients are monitored by the multidisciplinary team at approximately monthly intervals. This can be done online or in person.

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