Cannabis Access Clinics in the UK

We strive to improve patient access to specialists who prescribe medical cannabis.

In conjunction with Applied Cannabis Research our groundbreaking program is the first of its kind in the UK.

The Clinic

Cannabis Access Clinics provides UK patients with access to specialist doctors with experience prescribing cannabis based products (also known as medical marijuana). Cannabis Access Clinics are focussed on helping doctors and patients navigate the regulatory pathway for prescribing medicinal cannabis products in the U.K.

All of our specialists are GMC registered and only prescribe in their field of expertise in accordance with MHRA guidelines. All patients seen in our clinics are enrolled in one or more research studies and receive ongoing monitoring for the duration of treatment. Performed in conjunction with Applied Cannabis Research, this program supports patient safety and aim to increase understanding of the benefits and risks associated with medical cannabis use. To see if you are eligible for a consult with one of our specialists click here. We welcome referrals from GP’s or Specialists who feel their patients may benefit from medical cannabis treatments. Our doctors can consult patients or through our video based telehealth service.

Our medical team is backed by an allied health team with deep knowledge and experience in regulatory requirements. We collaborate closely with your GP and Specialist(s) to keep them informed about the progress of consultations. Cannabis Access Clinics is not affiliated with any product manufacturer and our clinicians maintain complete clinic independence from a prescribing perspective.


Dr Jean Gerard Sinovich


Dr Sinovich is the Medical Director of Cannabis Access Clinics and an anaesthetist and pain specialist. Dr Sinovich leads our team of health professionals, engages with other senior clinicians, regulators and industry stakeholders. Dr Sinovich splits his time between consulting with our patients, and ensuring we continue to uphold the highest standards of clinics governance and regulatory compliance in this new field of medicine in the U.K.

Dr Samuel Murray


Dr Samuel Murray has extensive experience prescribing medical cannabis in Australia. Dr Sam completed his Masters of Business Administration at Cambridge and will acts as General Manager of the clinic. Sam's goal is to continually improve patient experience and to collaborate with other stakeholders in the healthcare industry.


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