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Share Your Experience

How and why to contribute a review for a medical cannabis clinic…

Sharing your experience on medical cannabis clinics not only contributes to the larger patient community but also helps clinics enhance their services. Here’s why and how you can share your review on our platform:

write a medical cannabis clinic review

Why Share Your Review

  • Community Insight: Your reviews provide valuable insights to fellow patients seeking reliable medical cannabis care.
  • Clinic Improvement: When clinics see feedback through your reviews, it can assist them in improving their services.
  • Transparent Healthcare: By reviewing different aspects of a clinic’s service, you promote transparency within the medical cannabis community.

How to Share Your Review:

  • Navigate to the desired clinic’s page on our site via the menu.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • Locate the patient review section.
  • At the top of this section, you’ll find a button titled “+Add your review”.
  • Fill out as many sections of the review form as you wish, covering aspects like Quality of Medical Care, Patient Service, Website Experience, and more.
  • Submit your review for moderation approval before it gets published on the site.

Understanding the Aggregate Ranking System:

Our aggregate ranking system compiles individual reviews to assign an overall star rating out of 5 to each clinic. This rating reflects the combined patient experience across various service elements like Communication, Billing Transparency, Waiting Times, and others. The aggregate score presents a comprehensive view, aiding patients in making informed decisions while selecting a clinic. Each clinic’s aggregate score is displayed prominently, helping you quickly gauge the level of care and service you can expect.

By sharing your reviews and understanding the aggregate ranking system, you play a pivotal role in fostering a transparent and patient-centric medical cannabis community in the UK.