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A little about us

About Cannabis Access Clinics

Welcome to CannabisAccessClinics, a unique platform designed to empower and inform individuals looking into medical cannabis clinics in the UK. We are delighted to share more about our mission and vision with you.


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The Genesis

I was driven to create CannabisAccessClinics due to the lack of impartial platforms that offer unbiased, real-patient reviews specifically focused on medical cannabis clinics in the UK. I have been a medical cannabis patient since June 2019, so I understand that there is a real need for a space where patients can share their experiences and honest opinions in an impartial environment free from commercial influences and interests.

That’s why I built CannabisAccessClinics  – so all UK medical cannabis patients can share their thoughts and experiences about different medical cannabis clinics and what they each have to offer.

Who Am I

I’m Kristof, a medical cannabis patient in the UK who has experienced the challenges and uncertainties that come with navigating the medical cannabis landscape first-hand. There are many differences from clinic to clinic, from prices and products, to patient-care and supportive staffing. I watned to create a space so others can make informed decisions about medical cannabis clinics in the UK.

The Mission

My mission is to provide a neutral, unbiased platform for patients to share their experiences and insights about medical cannabis clinics in the UK by leaving a review of their products and services. This website is all about fostering a supportive and informed community where everyone’s voice is heard to help others make well-informed decisions along their journey with medical cannabis.

Impartiality and Integrity

Impartiality and integrity are at the core of CannabisAccessClinics. The site is not affiliated with any medical cannabis clinics, companies, or advocacy groups to ensure that the content on our platform is completely free from commercial bias and influence. The sole focus is to provide a space for real, unfiltered opinions from the medical cannabis community, where they can share their experiences and thoughts about medical cannabis clinics in the UK. 

The Promise

This site promises to uphold the values of transparency, respect, and community. We are dedicated to maintaining a platform where users feel valued and heard, and the information available is unbiased and reliable.

Join Our Community

You are all invited to join our growing community and contribute to the knowledge and content available on CannabisAccessClinics. Whether you are a medical cannabis patient, a caregiver, a medical professional, or someone simply interested in learning more about medical cannabis clinics in the UK, your voice and experience are most welcome here.


Contact Us:

Need to contact us? Get us at hello@cannabisaccessclinics.co.uk