About us

We aim to provide smooth access to medicinal cannabis prescribers in the UK for doctors and patients. We take on the red tape regulations to attain cannabis medication and ensure UK patients get the quality care they need. 

The Clinic

Beginning its journey in May 2018, Cannabis Access Clinics was the first to introduce 100% online medical cannabis services to patients in the UK.

Our medical and health team have deep knowledge and experience to tackle the red-tape around medical cannabis prescriptions in the UK. We provide streamlined access to GMC registered specialists who prescribe in their field of expertise in accordance with MHRA guidelines.

In addition, all patients seen in our clinics are enrolled into at least one of Applied Cannabis Research’s studies to support patient safety and increase understanding of the effects of cannabis medication.

CAnnabis Access Clinics Uk. Medicinal cannabis Doctors prescribing CBD oils products in the UK

Our Leadership

Gerard Sinovich-Cannabis Access Clinics

Dr Jean Gerar Sinovich

Medical Director

Dr Sinovich is the Medical Director of Cannabis Access Clinics and an anaesthetist and pain specialist. Dr Sinovich leads our team of health professionals, engages with other senior clinicians, regulators and industry stakeholders. Dr Sinovich splits his time between consulting with our patients, and ensuring we continue to uphold the highest standards of clinics governance and regulatory compliance in this new field of medicine in the U.K.​​

Sam Murray-Cannabis Access Clinics

Dr Samual Murray

General Manager

Dr Samuel Murray has extensive experience prescribing medical cannabis in Australia. Dr Sam completed his Masters of Business Administration at Cambridge and will acts as General Manager of the clinic. Sam's goal is to continually improve patient experience and to collaborate with other stakeholders in the healthcare industry.​



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