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Since November 2018, medical cannabis has been available for prescription in the UK. With medical cannabis vaporisers, patients can now manage their conditions more effectively. Vaporisation is a safer method than smoking, which is not permitted for medical use in the UK due to its harmful effects1.

Trusted devices like the Volcano, Mighty Medic, and Mighty+ Medic by Storz and Bickel Gmbh & Co. are designed for medical use. These vaporisers efficiently convert cannabinoids into vapour, enhancing their health benefits and effectiveness. Patients using vaporisers instead of smoking report improved breathing after just a month. The Omura X1 is another popular choice among UK medical cannabis patients.

Using a vaporiser offers quick relief, typically within 90 seconds, with the strongest effects felt between 15 and 30 minutes. This method is also discreet and cost-effective1

Key Takeaways

  • Medical cannabis vaporisers like Volcano, Mighty Medic, and Mighty+ Medic are approved for medical use.
  • Vaporisation of medical cannabis became legally available in the UK in November 2018.
  • Bioavailability of vaporised cannabinoids ranges from 29% to 35%, making it an efficient method.
  • Vaporising provides faster relief compared to other methods, with effects felt in as little as 90 seconds.
  • Switching to vaporisation from smoking can improve respiratory symptoms within a month.

What Is A Medical Cannabis Vaporiser?

Medical cannabis vaporisers are specialised devices designed to turn cannabis flower into vapour for medical use. Unlike regular smoking or e-cigarettes, these devices are of high quality and are used under medical supervision.

In the UK, the legalisation of medical cannabis in November 2018 has increased the popularity of vaping cannabis due to its health benefits and the absence of harmful smoke. Medical-grade vaporisers ensure that the plant’s benefits are safely converted into vapour2.

Devices from Storz and Bickel, such as the Volcano, Mighty Medic, and Mighty+ Medic, asa well as the Omura X1 feature precise heating capabilities to avoid burning the cannabis, thus maintaining its safety and efficacy. Proper heating, between 150°C to 220°C, optimises the health benefits of cannabis without causing harm. Users switching from smoking to vaporising can see respiratory improvements within a month1.

Vaping medical cannabis ensures rapid absorption into the body, with bioavailability between 29% to 35%, compared to less than 15% when ingested. These devices are effective for both THC and CBD3.

uk medical cannabis vaporiser

Benefits of Using Medical Cannabis Vaporisers

Medical cannabis vaporisers offer numerous benefits. The rapid absorption through the lungs provides immediate relief, which is crucial for patients in need. Vaporisers also allow for precise dosage control.

Using vaporisers helps avoid the harmful byproducts associated with smoking. The Canadian Cannabis Survey 2019 found that vaporiser users reported 40% fewer instances of cough, phlegm, and chest tightness compared to smokers. Another study showed that individuals who switched from smoking to vaping experienced improved lung function within 30 days4.

Features like temperature control in vaporisers are essential for targeting specific cannabinoids, preserving their medicinal properties, and ensuring a customised treatment experience.

Studies indicate that vaporised cannabinoids are more effective than those taken orally, leading many Canadians to prefer vaping. In fact, 27% use vape pens or e-cigarettes, and 15% use vaporisers4.

Further research highlights the significant health and efficiency advantages of vaporising, making it a preferred method for consuming medical cannabis.

Types of Vaporizers for Medical Cannabis

Different vaporisers cater to various needs. For portability, vape pens and portable vapes are ideal. The Dynavap vaporiser is noteworthy for its battery-free operation, making it convenient for users who prefer not to deal with battery issues5.

Desktop vaporisers like the Volcano provide a premium experience but require an electrical outlet. These are suitable for users seeking powerful performance and additional features at home. The Mighty dry herb vaporiser is a robust portable option, known for its durability and consistent performance over the years.

Battery management is crucial for portable vape users. Devices with interchangeable batteries offer extended usability and flexibility. Understanding how vaporisers affect the taste is also important, as the flavour changes as terpenes evaporate.

Choosing the right vaporiser depends on individual preferences, such as portability, inhalation experience, and flavour. Medically approved options, like those from Storz and Bickel, ensure safe and effective use of medical cannabis5.

uk medical cannabis vaporiser

How to Use a Medical Cannabis Vaporiser

Proper use of a medical cannabis vaporiser involves a few key steps. Ensure your device is fully charged for optimal performance. Grind the cannabis flower finely to ensure even heating and maximum benefit extraction. Avoid overpacking the chamber to maintain proper airflow and effectiveness.

Setting the correct temperature is vital. Heating cannabis between 150°C and 220°C releases its beneficial compounds without burning it, preventing the release of harmful chemicals like pyrene. Adjusting the temperature to match the boiling points of different cannabinoids can enhance the therapeutic experience6.

Start with a low temperature and gradually increase it to find your optimal setting. Effects should be felt within 90 seconds of inhalation, providing rapid and potent relief that lasts for several hours.

Regular cleaning of the vaporiser is essential for longevity. Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to prevent residue build-up. Vaporising the flower preserves its active compounds and can be more cost-effective over time.

Recognise when the flower is fully vaporised by its even colour change. Only use medically approved vaporisers to ensure a cleaner and safer consumption method than smoking6.

Evidence Supporting Medical Cannabis Vaporisers

Research consistently highlights the medical benefits of cannabis when vaporised. A Canadian study found that while 84% of users preferred smoking, 27% chose vape pens or e-cigarettes, and 15% used vaporisers4.

Vaporisers are considered safer than smoking cannabis. Users reported 40% fewer respiratory issues such as cough, phlegm, and chest tightness compared to smokers. This underscores the medicinal efficacy of vaporised cannabis.

A study indicated that vaping for 30 days improved respiratory function and lung capacity, further supporting the preference for vaporisers4.

Additional data suggests that vaping reduces respiratory problems. Even light smoking can harm the lungs, making vapour devices a safer and more effective method for cannabis therapy.


In conclusion, medically prescribed vaporisers represent a significant advancement over smoking cannabis. The benefits include enhanced cannabinoid absorption and improved lung health. A 2019 survey showed a shift towards vaping, with 27% using vape pens or e-cigarettes and 15% opting for vaporisers. Studies confirm that vaping is safer for the lungs, with vapers 40% less likely to experience respiratory issues compared to smokers.

It’s crucial to use vaporisers that are approved by healthcare professionals. Devices like the Volcano, Mighty Medic, and Mighty+ Medic ensure controlled and efficient cannabis consumption, offering a promising solution for patients. Research indicates that vaping reduces respiratory problems and ensures precise dosing, highlighting the effectiveness and safety of these devices.

Advocating for the legalisation of medical cannabis vaping is important. However, it is essential to distinguish medical use from recreational use. Recent incidents of lung damage linked to unapproved THC products underscore the need for safe and regulated cannabis consumption. Adhering to legal guidelines and seeking medical advice ensures the safe, effective, and legal use of vaporisers for medical purposes.

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